Basic configuration (server name, rcon password etc)

To change the configuration you must edit the server\RoxServers\cfg\server.cfg file:

server.hostname : enter a name for your server, for example "Rust Server".
server.seed : Enter a seed for your map; eg "0" for a random map. : Put "false" only if you want to disable anticheat.
server.saveinterval : Enter a value in seconds for fraquence backups, such as "300".
server.worldsize : only if you want to change the size of the map which is 4000 by default. Increasing to higher values can cause lag/crashes !
server.description : Enter a brief description of your server.
server.level : Enter the name of the map to launch
server.globalchat : Set to 0 to disable the global chat
spawn.min_rate / spawn.max_rate and spawn.min_density / spawn.max_density : change the spawn rates, do not change unless you know what you are doing, can cause lag!
server.headerimage : enter the address complete and direct web image .JPG or .PNG size 512x256 eg
server.url : your website url
server.stability : enables (true) or disables (false) the stability of structures
rcon.web : enables (1) or disables (0) the rcon websocket

Some parameters such as rcon password (rcon.password) must be specified in the command line used to start the server. To specify an rcon password you will have to create a new command line from the control panel> command line changer:
- Enter a name without spaces or special characters for your command line
- Tick the box(es) to activate the settings you wish, eg the box rcon.password
- Specify the value to be assigned to each setting activated when needed in the right field
- Save the command line
- Return to home of command line changer and select the newly created line

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