Jan 20th About the "hacking" of our domain

Good evening to all and thank you for your patience for those of you who have been hampered by the unavailability of our main website and our game/voice servers panel.First of all I would like to apologize for this inconvenience.Secondly I would like to reassure you that your customer data has not been hacked/leaked. In fact the "hacker" simply ... Leer Más »

Jan 29th Prices drop on HurtWorld

Demand for HurtWorld game servers was very strong on these last 2 months which prompted us to set up many new machines (with the costs involved). As demand is now stabilizing we have a better short- and medium-term view and can allow us to refine our pricing to match closer to the price/quality ratio that has made us successful.It is with great ... Leer Más »

Jun 10th Servidores Minecraft en Canada/EEUU

Ahora ofrecemos servidores en Canadá / Costa Este de los Estados Unidos, más precisamente en Beauharnois.
Si ya es cliente puede pedir la migración gratis de su servidor entre Francia y Canadá en cualquier momento.

May 6th Bienvenido

Bienvenido a RoxServers.com