Minecraft servers running on (Résolution en cours)
  • Priorité - Critique
  • Concerne Serveur - Game/Voice services
  • Due to a RAID (disks) issue on that machine all the minecraft game servers data files were corrupted/lost.

    Unfortunately in that situation no data can be recovered. The issue is limited to servers running on IP (only a few servers).


    If your server is on this IP we offer you 2 options as a compensation for the loss:
    - a refund of the pro rated value left of your server
    - a free month extension*

    Please submit a support ticket to let us know which compensation you would like and accept our apologies.

    *Note that you can already get your server back up and running if you opt for a fre month extension: to do so simply perform a reinstall from the main control panel.

  • Date - 11/08/2020 08:00
  • Dernière mise à jour - 11/08/2020 23:54