Voice servers (En Progreso)
  • Prioridad - Crítico
  • Afectando Servidor - Game/Voice services
  • Due to a software issue a dozen of voice servers were corrupted as well as their backups.

    Unfortunately as the backups are corrupted we are unable to restore them and will be creating new servers.

    As a compensation we offer our affected customers 2 choices:
    - get their slots raised by 30% for free and for life
    - get 30% of their latest renewal invoice credited to their account balance

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Note that the new servers will be created on a new IP for teamspeak servers only. Murmur (mumble) servers will keep their IPs.

  • Fecha - 25/01/2020 20:59
  • Ultima Actualización - 27/01/2020 21:04