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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

128 & 64 tickrate

CSGO hosting by RoxServers

Customer support 7 days a week

A professional team assists you 7 days a week.
Response time is usually faster between 08:00 and 22:00 (Current time is 20:42).

  • Available 365 days per year
  • Clear and fast responses
  • Experimented staff

Protection Anti DDoS

Our infrastructure protects you against network attacks, especially DDoS ones that became common nowadays.
Detections is automatic and mitigation applies within few seconds. In case of major attacks we can offer enforced protection for free with advanced packet filters.

  • Automatic detection/mitigation
  • No size/length limits
  • Included in all our offers

Easy and advanced management

Manage your server easily and efficiently from our web panel.
Edit your config files, create and manage command lines to launch server, install preconfigured mods and addons in 1 click, create sub users and manage their permissions so they can assist you with your server configuration.

  • Easy management
  • Sub users (billing & game panels)
  • Full FTP access

Open mods, addons & plugins

Beside the preconfigured mods and addons you can install in 1 click from our game panel you are free to upload your own mods/addons/plugins and maps from your computer to your game server (metamod, sourcemod, sourcemod plugins, eventscripts etc).

  • Open Mods
  • Open Plugins
  • Open Addons

Addons are included

Our prices include all the necessary tools for the best gaming experience such as a web mirror for your custom contents (aka fast downloads) that you can synchronize in 1 click only.

  • Fast downloads mirror
  • Unlimited disk space (fair-use)
  • 50% discount on a voice server during order

What is tickrate?

Tickrate makes your server smooth (the higher the better).
It is your server data refresh rate per second. Servers with low tickrate can feel "laggy" at times.
With you can upgrade/downgrade your server tickrate at any time without data loss.


  • Tickrate
  • Disk space
  • RAM limit
  • CPU frequency
  • Players limit (slots)
  • 7 days a week support
  • Control Panel
  • FTP access
  • Uptime
  • Anti DDoS
  • Open Mods (MM, SM, ES etc)
  • 1 click mods installation
  • Maps quantity


Starting Only!
5.99 €/mo
  • 64 or 128
  • not limited¹
  • not limited²
  • 3.9GHz
  • 8 to 64 slots
  • 99.99%
  • not limited¹
¹ Fair use policy
² RAM is auto adjusted based on server requirements up to 32Gb.

24 hours money-back guarantee

At we we are confident the quality of the services we sell and the work we put into getting them ready for you to use them.
If the Counter-Strike Global Offensive server you have bought on does not work and our team of expert support staff cannot solve the problem for you we will give you back your money.
This guarantee applies to all our customers during 24 hours after their first order on
The refund is free (no hidden fees) and full as long as you have originally paid using PayPal. For other payment methods we offer a refund to your balance. The balance can be used to pay invoices on

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